About Tricia

Tricia McWhorter, MHT  has her Master's certification in clinical as well as medical hypnotherapy. For over thirty years she has studied the intriguing potential of what can happen when we learn to harness the mind body connection within each of us. She's studied with numerous teachers and healers—Rosalyn Bruyere, Jean Houston, Jerry and Esther Hicks (Abraham-Hicks), John Grinder and the Silva Method to name a few. She's integrated what's proven most effective into her own personal philosophy and that's how she lives her life. 

All of this really came together when she followed her own breadcrumbs. That path led her to take hypnotherapy training from Dorthy Tyo, Director of the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy. That's when she knew she had discovered her life's calling. Hypnotherapy allows her to share what she's learned with others—to give her clients, students and workshop participants the tools they've been seeking to finally make the changes in their lives that they've been wanting to make. 

"We all have the power within us to heal and transform our lives. It's just that many of us have forgotten that we have that ability. My job is simply to guide people to rediscover their own innate power." 
—Tricia McWhorter, MHT



We've all heard this advice“Follow your bliss." 

It sounds so simple.

But many of us have a difficult time discovering just what comprises our own, unique bliss. And it can change over time.

At one point, not too long ago, I discovered that my path to bliss had become filled with detours, obstacles and forks that lead me in directions I never really intended to go. Every time I said yes to someone else's needs instead of honoring my own, every time I took a job "just for now" to meet my immediate obligations, every time I made commitments without first assessing the hidden costs, every time I compromised—I got a little farther off my path.

I didn’t even realize that it had happened. I just reached a place in my life where I felt unhappy, depressed, anxious and lost. That’s when I decided it was time to follow the breadcrumbs home.

I have been on a quest my entire adult life to find the magic secret to achieving happiness—that feeling of being truly connected, joyous and "plugged in”. I've read countless books, participated in dozens of workshops, studied numerous philosophies. I've taken what's proven most effective from all of them and I'm happy to share those with you here.

Luckily, in the past, I experienced moments  of really being “in the flow” — energized, excited and inspired. I know how synchronicity feels — as soon as I have a question the answer magically appears. That feeling of being in a state of grace became one of my breadcrumbs. And there were others. Some were memories, buried deep in my past. Occasionally they were painful because they were connected to disappointment. A few seemed silly but turned out to be important. When placed together they created a map that I’ve been able to use to reconnect with what makes me feel most like, well. . . ME!

I know I'm not the only one who has felt lost or disconnected so I created this Follow the Breadcrumbs Home workshop to share some of the techniques and exercises I found most helpful in my own journey.

By becoming quiet and going within we can all follow our breadcrumbs to the wisest parts of ourselves. We can encourage the parts of us that have been silent for so long to once again speak. We can remember what ignited passion within us and breathe those sparks back into flames. We can learn what we need to do to reclaim our own, unique bliss.

I am excited to share this program with you. I hold live workshops — watch for one in your area! — and I'm also getting ready to launch an online workshop that I'll be announcing here soon.

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I can't wait to work with you to help you get back on your path to happiness!   

—Tricia McWhorter, MHT



Photo by Cynthia Louden