Here’s what past participants are saying:

This workshop changed my life! At 70 I felt stuck. After this experience I sold my house, reunited with my ex and moved to Ecuador. Wonderful!"
Coke Swanston

"One of the best classes I have taken ... you are a great teacher ... This truly has made 
a difference in my life."   
— Kathy M.

"... One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. It opened my eyes to my inner strengths and how to nurture them. The guided meditations were wonderful and had a profound impact in my self discovery. Tricia was very supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend this workshop!!!"   

— Nancy G. 

"What a great opportunity to take a time out from our busy lives and reconnect with our passions, our desires, and our bliss. I would encourage anyone and everyone to take this class and enjoy the journey."   

— Julie F.

"What a wonderful experience!  I got so much insight out of the experience that I can’t stop talking about it and sharing it with others. Don’t pass up a chance to take this class if given the opportunity!"  

— Suzan C.

"Follow the Breadcrumbs Home has taken me on some marvelous journeys. The guided meditations are relaxing and transformative. Each week leaves me relaxed, restored, and inspired. The personal insights I experienced were both simple and profound. This is great!"
—Guy Biederman, M.A. 

"This course has helped me let go of judgments and sparked my creativity. The guided meditations and writing prompts have been wonderful tools to accomplish my personal goal. The process has encouraged and guided me in reconnecting with my artistic side. I highly recommend Follow the Breadcrumbs Home!"
—Lauren Parsons

"The assignments I have done have helped me search my inner self and seek happiness...your program is great."
—Mona Atnip
"I can't express how amazing this course was overall.  It was such a positive escape, and such a splurge to be able to spend time with myself ... in regards to all of the meditations, you have the most comforting and soothing voice.  I always feel completely safe listening to you.  Which was not only a lovely escape, but it really fostered trust in within the meditation process. ...Throughout the course, the scenarios and imagined but tangible spaces you created as a means to an end (or, more appropriately, a means to a journey) were creative and intelligent in such a thought-provoking and joyful way."
—Brittny Stout

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