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Emotional Freedom Expert Brad Yates teaches people fast, effective methods to overcome fear and stress. He's taught CEOs, professional athletes and award-winning actors and has more than 600 instructional YouTube videos. Brad is author of the bestselling children's book The Wizard's Wish and appears in the film The Tapping Solution.

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If you're curious about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), or 'Tapping', and how you can use it to release stress and move your life forward, then our interview with Brad Yates is a 'must listen'. Brad shares a bit about his background and how he got introduced to EFT. He tells how he successfully used tapping to overcome his craving for chocolate in a very short time! He also explains how EFT works and the wide variety of issues it can be effectively used for. And best of all, he talks us through a tapping session so you can experience EFT yourself.

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